Nanny Angel Network

Organization Type: Health & Medical
Address: 1000 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Alanna Iammarino

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Imagine a world where every parent with cancer receives the care needed for their children – so they have enough time to care for themselves. Now, also imagine a world where every child receives the support they need to cope with their parent’s illness or death.

The Nanny Angel Network provides free, specialized childcare support to parents who have been diagnosed with cancer. We support families in all stages of their cancer journey, whether they were just diagnosed, are undergoing palliative care, are in the recovery period, and following bereavement.

Nanny Angels lessen the impact of cancer on families by engaging children in enjoyable, Child Life informed activities to help reduce any stress or anxiety they may be experiencing due to their parent’s illness or death.

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1000 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, Ontario

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