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Organization Type: Fundraising, Grant Making & Foundations
Address: 304-4 Checkley Street, Barrie, Ontario L4N 1W1
Contact: Kathy Downes

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Camphill Foundation Canada grew out of providing support to help the only Camphill entity in Canada: Camphill Communities Ontario. Since then two other Camphill places have emerged on the west coast in British Columbia; one in the busy suburban environment of North Vancouver, the other on Vancouver Island just outside the town of Duncan BC. The Cascadia Society for Social Working and Glenora Farm respectively join the two CCO communities in Ontario.

Our Vision in the Foundation is:

to increase the scope of our work with Camphill communities across Canada. We will accomplish this through growth in the following areas:

  • Increase our donor and data base
  • Intensifying our work towards Planned giving and major gifts
  • Broadening our grant application to include education and arts, agriculture, environmental sustainability, affordable housing
  • Encouraging and supporting innovative means to increase productivity and sales income in Camphill communities
  • Raising public awareness and donations

Our Core Values:

The Camphill Foundation Canada shares the core values of all Camphill communities which include:

  • Creating opportunities for Living, Learning and Working Together. A heterogeneous community is a stronger community
  • Each individual is a unique spiritual entity and is entitled to equal rights, respect and recognition all of which flourish best in a community setting
  • Philanthropic gifts contribute significantly to the healthy growth of communities and organizations which provide human services. The Camphill foundation Canada is dedicated to being a conduit for such supports

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304-4 Checkley Street, Barrie, Ontario L4N 1W1

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