Barrie Persian Association

Organization Type: Arts, Culture & Heritage
Address: 57 Carley Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4N0M8
Contact: Samira Rashidian-Zadeh
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Barrie Persian Association is going to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding between the Persian Community (meaning all Farsi language speakers) and other communities living in Canada/ Barrie. Raising cultural awareness among Persian-Canadians, especially kids and youth, and contributing to the diverse cultural mosaic of Canadian society are among BPA’s goals. Barrie Persian Association programs are great towards showcasing local and non-local professionals, emerging artists of diverse backgrounds, celebrating using the arts of music, theatre, cinema, literature, and visual arts, beginning and participating in panel discussions and lectures, mostly free-of-charge.

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I was raised to volunteer: nursing homes, clinics, church nurseries, school, everywhere that could use help. It’s such an intrinsic part of me, to use my life to help improve the quality of others.
Debby Ryan

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57 Carley Crescent, Barrie, Ontario L4N0M8

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